Delivery Quote



Delivery £1.50 per mile one way! So example if you live 25 miles away delivery is £37.50 etc. To secure a vehicle and arrange to be delivered is 20% deposit plus delivery cost (Non-returnable) as a bank transfer and the balance on delivery!, Balance payment by Cash, Card or Bank Transfer. We don’t travel into the centre of London or anywhere where there is a low emission zone or congestion charge. We may still ask to see some form if i:d on the day.

Deposit & Delivery Payment

Balance Payment

Cancel Or Change Your Mind


If you cancel before we set off

Your get a full 100% refund.

If you cancel & we are on our way to you

Your get between 0% & 80% of your deposit back, As we have to pay the driver & fuel.

Changed your mind on arrival

Your get between 0% & 80% of your deposit back, We don't take vehicles around the UK just for you to view them. If you are having a vehicle delivered!, You are buying the vehicle.
If you've changed your mind when the vehicle is delivered on arrival! Your pay the driver for his time & fuel! This will come out of your deposit.

Delivery Quote
This is your acknowledgement that you have read the terms of sale for the vehicle you want to buy
A 20% deposit is required & balance paid on delivery
Once we set off or arrive! This cost is not returnable
You understand what happens if you cancel or you have changed your mind either before or on arrival
This is the balance payment on delivery
What vehicle?.
This is the full price you are going to be paying including the deposit & the balance on delivery
We need to know your full name?
Phone number in case we can't reach you by email?
We need to know your full address?