Frequent Asked Questions

Is It Still Available? 

Answer - If you can see it! Then "Yes" it is!!!. If you can't see it! Then "No" it's not!!!.

Can I Make An Appointment?. 

Answer - Yes all appointments are done online!!!. But if you can also ring to say when you are on your way! Then we know we're not wasting our time!. Make sure you know where you're going and which location to go to!.

Has It Got MOT? 

Answer - If you read the listing, It will say when it's due! Or if it hasn't got an MOT.

Where's The Train Station? 

Answer - Google is the best option! (Tip: Visit Google Maps) It's between 0.5 & 1.3 miles!, Depending on which location you are visiting!.

Where Are You Based? 

Answer - If you look on "How To Find Us!" You will get a better idea!!!, "Lewes" Lewes, East Sussex!.

Is There Any Warranty? 

Answer - This option is NOT always the case!!!, If you read the listing, You will see under "Terms Of Sale!" If the option does have warranty!, Or why!!!, And for what reason! it doesn't have the warranty option!!!.

Do You Do Finance? 

Answer - No!!!, See payment!.


Answer - See payment!.

Part Exchange? 

Answer - If you want to part exchange your old car or van, Use the form link "Sell Your Car".