Price & Options You Need To Be Aware Off
Ticket Price (Also Meaning Trade Price)

The ticket price is a trade price that anyone can pay, Open to public or trade. If you want to keep the cost of buying a vehicle from us as low as you can go!, With the ticket / trade price we offer *No warranty. Its your choice to get it at a lower price, We are always open to negotiation still, If you want to make a sensible offer.

Forecourt Price (Also Meaning The Full Price)

The forecourt price! This is the price you would be expected to pay any vehicle trader or dealer! In order to get warranty with any vehicle sold! This is as you would expect if you are buying from a vehicle trader or dealer!. You are expected to pay the full forecourt price under these terms for a warranty with a vehicle sold.

Sale Agreement

A full receipt will be given on the day of the sale, Along with 2 new sale agreements yours/ours which will need to be signed. (Updated October 2021)

We accept payment by the following method
#1. Bank Transfer
#2. Cash
#3. Card Payment

We will require! Your UK driving licence and at least 2x utility bills in the same name & address.