Warranty Cover

Firstly - Some Important Facts

Forecourt Price 

If you pay the full forecourt price you will get a 3 month warranty. There is *No warranty issued without the full forecourt price being received.

Timing Belt 

Timing belts are a perishable part!, If it was advised to have this changed upon the sale of the vehicle and this was neglected to be done by you, Then this perishable part is not covered by any warranty by neglect.
If the part was replaced by us or during the last keeper and the part is still well within its time and date and mileage period, Then we will honor warranty cover on this part, *But only!!!, Under these terms!!!, As it would have NOT been expected to fail due to this. **If there is No history!, No paperwork!, Then No warranty will apply!.

Warranty Cover - What is covered & What isn't covered

Warranty Cover 

Covered By 3 Month Warranty
Engine Block & Head / Gearbox, Which includes - Engine Block, Timing Chain & Head Gasket & Gearbox failure. The Engine & Gearbox are meant to last the vehicles useful lifetime. *These are only covered as you would expect if driven sensibly & maintained correctly. **Failure to maintain your vehicle correctly will void any warranty given. ***Warranty is for peace of mind that the engine block and gearbox is up to standard. ****All warranty work/repairs are to be carried out by us, And only us, Otherwise it will void any warranty by us.

Not Covered By Warranty 

Alternator, Battery, Brakes, Clutch & Flywheel, Drive Shaft, Exterior Bodywork & Trim, Exhaust, Interior Switches, Interior Trim, Lights, Radio, Starter Motor, Steering, Suspension, Timing Belt Failure, Turbo, Tyres, Wheel Bearings, Windows, Window Mechanism, Wipers etc, etc. *As a vehicle ages! It suffers age related wear and tear in-general. **All perishables and parts mentioned here are not covered by any warranty.

Claims & Lability 

Just Used Cars: Hereby is to accept any warranty claims / liability for the following items for a 3 month period to a maximum of 1 x claim per item only and to a maximum overall cost of £2,500 during this period.
1 x Claim on Engine Block, Which Includes - Engine Block, Head Gasket & Timing Chain Failure.
1 x Claim on Gearbox Failure.
If the vehicle is unable to move under its own power, Your vehicle will be recovered by us within the UK mainland. All warranty work is to be carried out by us (Just Used Cars) and by us only. If the vehicle is touch by anyone else or parts removed! This will forthwith withdraw any warranty claim made against us (Just Used Cars).